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Woke up last Sunday (1st Feb) feeling a little blue. Surely if we were going to win an award in Santa Barbara that afternoon, the festival organisers would have called to let us know? So I went about my business thinking ‘always the bridesmaid’ and wondering how we were ever going to convince distributors that audiences love the movie. At 3:45 pm, long after the Awards Ceremony was over, I had a call from Candice, the programmer from SBIFF. “SKIN just won the Audience Choice Award - by a mile!” she said.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I bleated, nonplussed.

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Santa Barbara Film Festival

As I arrived at the Metro Four on State Street this evening, there appeared to be a lot of commotion around the theatre. ‘“SKIN” is a sell-out,’ they said, ‘Everyone’s talking about your movie!’ At last, a slot that wasn’t at the crack of dawn or competing with a tribute (the Clint Eastwood event is AFTER our screening this time.) It was gratifying to see the large auditorium filled to capacity and the happy anticipation of the audience. They festival has requested additional screenings due to popular demand, and are talking about inclusion in the ‘Best of the Fest’ selection.


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Anthony Fabian, Dominic Cooper and Stefano Tummolini attend the UK Film Council US party at SundanceAfter five months on the festival gravy train, I have been shamed into starting this blog. I’ve never blogged before and fear it could become addictive. Here’s hoping it will be equally addictive for those who want to know what’s happening in the world of SKIN.

My festival calendar began this year at the Palm Springs Film Festival, followed by a brief stint at Sundance (where we weren’t showing the film but it was being promoted by our Sales Agent, Robbie Little of The Little Film Company). Part of the joy and privilege of attending all these festivals is that one learns so much from talking to one’s colleagues and seeing their work; the festival circuit is a kind of post-graduate film school. I saw extraordinary films at Sundance, most notably Lee Daniels’ exquisitely painful film, PUSH, which became a triple award-winner by the end of the week.

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