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As I arrived at the Metro Four on State Street this evening, there appeared to be a lot of commotion around the theatre. ‘“SKIN” is a sell-out,’ they said, ‘Everyone’s talking about your movie!’ At last, a slot that wasn’t at the crack of dawn or competing with a tribute (the Clint Eastwood event is AFTER our screening this time.) It was gratifying to see the large auditorium filled to capacity and the happy anticipation of the audience. They festival has requested additional screenings due to popular demand, and are talking about inclusion in the ‘Best of the Fest’ selection.


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Mable Chan
March 04, 2009

I am so glad to have watched this fabulous movie at Hong Kong Baptist University as a curious student. During my studies, I have been watching and reading materials concerning cultural segregation. What sets "Skin" apart from other movies presenting similar idea of apartheid is that the film is human oriented rather than mechanical issues like Population Registration Act, Mixd Marriages Act, Immorality Act and so forth. As a movie watcher, I am so impressed by the way how Anthony embedded these heavy issues into the movie while we would not feel like something was imposed on us. By subjectifing Sandra as a universal issue and humanizing the situation, the movie is thus more memorable and impressing.

At the same time, somehow I think that the sense of choice is very strong throughout the movie. While we, as humans, do not have choice over our skin, but then, in the movie, Sandra's father exercise his choice of re-classify Sandra's colour; Sandra chooses to marry a black and later on leaves him; and most important of all, the parents, especially the father, chooses not to see Sandra for more than 10 yeras til his death. The phrase "You've made your choice strikes me to the extent that it empowers us to carry on with our decisions yet it also signifies unforseeable consequence. I am not so sure but I belive that this sense of choice is how Anthony perceives as the future of South Africa - or Afrikaners (the sens of determination, the courage to confront and the hopes of true freedom/equality).

How about having a discussion for this film in facebook?

John Johnston
February 04, 2009

I saw the last screening in Santa Barbara and was so impressed with the story and how it was treated. I heard that the crowd grew from 50 the first screening to 300 at the second and then a sold out crowd at 375 at the third screening. Such a moving and poignant story and quite timely at this point in our current environment.

Please find this film and see it!

February 04, 2009

I hear the film won the Audience Prize at Santa Barbara! Congrats!

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