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As stated previously, expect nothing but the unexpected. At the PAFF’s opening night, I was told SKIN had been whipped out of competition when it was chosen as the Centerpiece Gala, because it would give the film an ‘unfair advantage over the other films‘. But we would still be eligible for the Audience Award. This seemed rather bizarre - why would the jury lose all objectivity, while the audience could be trusted not to be influenced by a spotlight on SKIN? To my knowledge, this logic does not apply to any other festival, such as Berlin, Cannes, Venice or Toronto. But never mind. My team and I anxiously awaited the results of the Awards Brunch last Monday, hoping we might have nabbed the Audience Award, since the response to the film was so strong. Having heard no news, even after the Brunch was over, I assumed the worst... I then spoke to our logistics manager, the trusty John Johnston, who was looking at PAFF’s website. “It says here: ‘The Pan African Film and Arts Festival (PAFF) announced today the winners of its annual film competition. A favorite among PAFF jurors and audiences was the South Africa/UK film "Skin" starring Sophie Okonedo.’




"Skin" UK/ S Africa




"Skin" UK/ S Africa

I felt a rush of confusion. I thought we were out of competition? Confusion is good; I won’t question or contest it. We’re very proud to have been recognised in this way - and hope all those who supported and celebrated the film in Los Angeles will be equally happy with this unexpected turn of events.

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February 21, 2009

Just let me say for the record...."I Truly Enjoyed the film "Skin"!!

Okay, I know that everyone was touched by the film cause they hardly knew what to say. I was speechless myself!! Parts of me still are.

Its soo wonderful that you were touched, outraged and every other emotion to be moved to do this film. This story is Amazing and since I'm such and Avid reader, I'm going to get a copy of the biography.

Now..back to you. Anthony, your vision is wonderful. How you told the story, Brilliant!! I appreciate the way you did show nurturing in the both Households, showed love and warmth. Something that many films involving family tend to lack (for some reason) and then the conflict.

Sophie as always..AMAZING!! Little Ella was a delight, very refreshing, open and honest in her approach!! Sam Neil and Alice Krige did wonderful portrayals of conflict. Their innerwork was Amazing. Very Strong Actors!! You showed their struggle and certain level of acceptance of the circumstances in many ways.

This film needs to be seen all over the world!! Thank you Pan African for this Wonderful Opportunity!! I would recommend this film to everyone!! ...and I have!!

Darren Darnborough
February 20, 2009

I had the pleasure of attending that screening, meeting Director Anthony, and listening to a very inspirational Q&A with Sandra Laing, and I am in no doubt why this film picked up plaudits here and elsewhere...

For many, it seems this movie is being considered niche or arthouse, perhaps due to it's specific story or its South African context, but for me (as a former BA student of film, and a film industry professional for my entire adult life) this movie is as mainstream as they come in the most complimentary way. There is absolutely no reason that mass audiences around the world cannot enjoy this, in the same way that Last King of Scotland and Blood Diamond reached out - and this story needs to be told.

The film is amazing and it is great that this incredible story and person (Sandra Laing) was not wasted on a lazy filmmaker. The direction was great, the casting was flawless, and the humour throughout in an essentially heartbreaking story made it for me.

wish the best of luck with this film - i encourage you all to see it.

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