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Helene in Leicester SquareWe've all read about 'plucky independent filmmakers going out there and finding new ways of marketing their movies...' Saturday morning, still basking in the glory of a sold-out first night at the ICA in London, I had a proverbial bucket of cold water thrown over my head: the numbers at the Panton Street Odeon had been disastrous. After all this amazing press, editorial coverage, great reviews - how was it possible?

Well.... there was no trailer of the film playing at any cinema. That doesn't help. And there are no posters up in the underground, or on any billboards, or on the side of any bus. And of course we have no TV ads... in fact, it's hard to know, apart from the editorial, how anyone could possibly know the movie's out there. I rang Helene Muddiman, my composer, and told her the bad news. "We'll be pulled after this week for sure," I said. "The film's dead in the water unless the numbers are up this weekend."

Never one to give up (she's taken the film's motto to heart), Helene spent the day leafletting,  around Leicester Square, charming the Odeon cinema managers, putting up extra posters and signs, chatting up potential punters - and even going so far as dissuading them from the choice of movie they were about to make in favour of SKIN. The result? Sold out on Saturday night - and Sunday she was back there - at it all day - so that come Monday morning, we received the good news: SKIN is being held for a second week. Most movies don't manage that - because most movies without the advertising muscle behind them don't have Helene Muddiman. 

 Go, girl, go! Monday afternoon she was back - and this time, she'd managed to attract the attention of Razia Iqbal from the BBC, who'd seen and loved the movie over the weekend. There she was, with her cameraman, and by 6:25 that night (and again at 10:25 pm) it was an item on BBC News!

Now we're trying to recuit volunteers to carry on the good work - so if anyone's keen to help - don't hesitate to contact me via this site.

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alex ilyusha
September 21, 2010

It is Fall 2010 and I have just heard about this film. It came out more then a year ago. New Yorkers need and want to see this movie. Please come back to New York or contact me and I will try to set up screenings at independent movie theaters in New York to show this film asap. It cannot go on dvd. It needs to really have a release here in New York and the U.S. Please contact me or respond asap. thank you

Montres Henderson
August 20, 2009

this film seems excellent. unfortunately I'm going to have to wait until October to see it.
I'm anticipating though. I hope it continues to do well in the box office

Tony Fabian
August 16, 2009

Hi Laura

Keep an eye our our Distribution page for updates of where the film is showing around the UK. Thanks very much for your interest! Cheers, Tony

August 08, 2009

Where is this showing near me? i live in Cornwall uk and my friends and I have ben waiting patitenly for the films release!! I read judith stones book so quickly so I could read it before the film release , and now we cant even catch the film !

Tony Fabian
July 28, 2009

Hello Vesper

Your best chance is to make it to New York this weekend - there's a special screening at the Latino Film Festival on Saturday:

New York International Latino Film Festival, Saturday 1st August 8 pm, Clearview Cinemas Chelsea Screen 8, W 23rd St & 8th Ave, New York, NY

Otherwise, you will have to wait until 30 October, when we hope to release in 10 cities in the States. Come and support it in New York if you can.



Vesper Walden
July 28, 2009

How on earth can we folks un the US get a look at this film!?? I live in the Washington, DC area and now see that I missed SKIN at a film festival earlier this year. What's a light-skinned-girl who grew up confused, to do????? I'm definately willing to help get the word out. I've emailed all my friends this morning and we are chomping at the bit!

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