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Giffoni Film Festival LogoGiffoni is a unique festival on the Amalfi coast in Italy, created for and judged by children from around the world.  Last Saturday 25th July, SKIN won two Special Awards at the festival: Amnesty International’s Humanitarian Film Award and the CIAL Environmental Jury Award.

A Juror from Amnesty International Italy made the following statement: “SKIN deals with the painful and burning issue of apartheid in a very original way and highlights discrimination against women – deprived of possibilities and self-determination, victims of atrocious abuse and suffering. The film demonstrates how deep social divisions can be caused by passively accepting an imposed cultural model. It also shows how mutual mistrust and fear can result in discrimination, racism, inequality and violence. Lastly, it celebrates the brave choice of a woman willing to defend her own dignity, and is an inspiration for those who believe that human rights must be respected regardless of a person’s origins, ethnic group, gender or social status.”

On behalf of CIAL (Aluminium Wrapping Consortium) for the Environmental Award, the following statement was issued:

“SKIN embodies the desire for freedom and independence, the idea that happiness can also be found through a perfect relationship with nature. The unarguable quality of this film convinced the Jurors of CIAL Environmental Award to award this prize to SKIN, which shows how nature in all its diverse and beautiful forms can help young people in the search of their own identity.”

I'm delighted that the film continues to receive recognition from such eminent organisations as the UN and Amnesty International. May its message of racial harmony spread throughout the world...!

Italian speakers will find more details here.

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